Massage Therapy

Dating back to ancient times, massage has long been a part of the healing journey in most cultures. Today, massage comes in many forms, and can be an important addition to your wellness regime. Massage calms and soothes, and thus is beneficial to people who suffer from stress and anxiety. Massage can also work the tissues of the body to warm up tight muscles, and get fluids flowing contributing to faster healing from various injuries.

I specialise in therapeutic, deep tissue, and relaxation massage.

Therapeutic massage is working with an injury or physical problem with the body, for example IT Band Syndrome, or Whiplash. It may take several treatments to get the best results, as therapeutic massage can be intense, so breaking it down is a better way to go about healing, along with working on supporting muscles and structure.  

Deep Tissue massage gets at the deep muscles and fascia, using longer, slow strokes. Many people prefer deep tissue if they want to feel the physical results of a massage for a longer time.

Relaxation is lighter pressure and promotes a sense of well-being and is perfect for those wanting to have a little get away on the table. It does have therapeutic qualities as well, and a lot of people do find pain relief from it. Relaxation is also excellent for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, as it helps to slow down and calm your nervous system.


I offer cupping along with any massage treatment you book with me. Unlike cupping used in TCM, which works on specific points and energy, massage cupping is working specifically on the fascia under your skin and surrounding your muscles. It has great benefits for muscles, with many people claiming that cupping leaves them with a feeling of a "deeper" massage, with the results longer lasting. The marking left by cups are quite well known, and while it does look like a bruise, there is no tissue damage involved. The colour is the stagnant blood being brought to the surface, allowing for new blood to flow.

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