Information & Protocol

As we all know, covid-19 has affected businesses everywhere. In Alberta, Canada, massage therapists have been asked to temporarily shut down while we all work on flattening the curve. Recently, the government of Alberta have revealed a plan to slowly allow businesses to start up again. There are a number of stages to the plan, and they will be reached accordingly. Massage therapy is stage two. We do not know specific dates yet, but it seems as though we will likely be open around June 1, 2020. 

As of May 5, 2020, we have received a list of protocols to follow in order to go back to work as safely as possible. Here are some things we know as of today:


All clients will be asked to wear a mask for treatment. This is not optional. Refusal to wear a mask will result in termination of the treatment at the cost of the client. We ask that you please bring your own mask, as they are not easy to come by. Some practitioners may be able to supply these, but most will not.

All clients will be required to sign a new release form regarding covid-19.

Specific to my workspace: all clients will be required to wait in their vehicle until a maximum of 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. Due to the small and limited space available, there is no room for two people to cross paths are the required distance. Please refrain from walking in without knocking during this time. 


All clients, new and existing, will need to fill out an extra release form covering covid-19. While we will follow all necessary protocols to keep clients and practitioners safe, we simply cannot guarantee anything in this circumstance. The client *must* be aware that treatment is entirely up to them, and there will always be risk of exposure when going out in the world. Should treatment be decided upon, it is entirely at the clients own risk. Practitioners and licencing bodies cannot be help responsible for exposure. 


There will be increased time between clients to allow for proper cleaning and disinfecting. There will be hand sanitizer available to all clients. We ask that clients refrain from touching anything unnecessary while visiting. 


As massage therapists, we will be extending the time we have between clients. This will be used to properly clean up after previous clients, including laundering linens, cleaning and disinfecting things such as massage table, chairs, payment terminals, all surfaces that can be touched by clients, door knobs, stair railings, light switches, etc. 

We will also be required to protect ourselves with PPE (personal protective equipment). This will include a medical grade facemask, and eye protection as a shield or goggles, and aprons. These will be disinfected between each client as well, when applicable, or disposed of. 


While there is no decision yet on increasing prices, this may happen as a result of extra (unpaid) time between clients which will result in less time with clients, and less available time to take clients. Also, there may have to be an increased charge due to increased supplies needed, and the sudden increase in cost of these items. 


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